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Everyone should have family portraits.  Quality family portraits provide a window to your family's history that will last forever.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What does a portrait shoot involve?

Your portraits can be taken at any location you arrange.  Many people choose to have portraits taken in their home.  Others may wish to consider a location with personal meaning.  I will help you to define and refine exactly what you want in your portraits, but it is largely up to you.  Some people prefer the traditional and formal, while others are looking for a more artistic view.  The choice is yours.


How are images delivered?

How you receive your images is up to you.Your portraits will be available to view or purchase through a dedicated web gallery. Your gallery can be password protected so that only you can see, or made public for easy sharing and viewing by all your friends and family. From your gallery, you can purchase all manner of prints and a wide selection of gifts and memorabilia.

If you prefer digital files to print and share on your own, digital copies may be purchased for $35 per image, Resized to 2 megapixels.  $50/Image for full resolution images.


How much will my event photography cost?

The sitting fee for portrait photography is $150.  For long portrait shoots, time is billed at $50/hour after the first hour.  It is very unusual for a portrait shoot to last longer than 30-45 minutes.




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