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When you have an event so important that you want to keep the memories forever, professional event photography by Stephen Michael Photography may be the perfect solution.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of events should I consider hiring a photographer for?

Everyone thinks of hiring a photographer for their wedding, but many other events are worthy of considering professional photography.  Special corporate events, family reunions, and sweet-16 parties are just a few great examples.


What does event photography involve?

The short answer is, whatever you want.  Candid portraits during the event are a common request with most special events, but they may also include formal portraits, a portrait booth, or whatever photography services you need.


How are images delivered?

How you receive your images is up to you. For all events, your photographs will be available to view or purchase through a dedicated web gallery. Your gallery can be password protected so that only you can see, or made public for easy sharing and viewing by all attendees. From your gallery, you can purchase all manner of prints and a wide selection of gifts and memorabilia.

If you prefer digital files to print and share on your own, Photo DVD's and digital downloads are available for purchase as well.


How much will my event photography cost?

Event photography is billed at $75/hour with a 4 hour minimum, and a non-refundable $150 deposit.