Stephen Michael Photography | About

I'm an Oregon native, having lived in the Willamette Valley my entire life. I was introduced to photography by my parents as a child, and in recent years, I have perfected my craft.

Now I bring my love of photography, and of the Pacific Northwest, to you.

My Photography

Every photographer has their own style.

In all of my work; I strive for honesty. There is a time and a place for formal portraits where everyone looks at the camera and smiles, but there is also a time for laughter. A wedding day may have a little of everything. Laughter, smiles, and tears. Moments of queit reflection, and occasionally panic. These are the moments worth remembering. To capture irreplaceable moments with beauty and truth, is the ultimate goal of photography.

I am a digital photographer.

Why digital?

Traditional film processing uses large volumes of toxic chemicals which are rinsed into our streams and watersheds.

Digital is cleaner, flows seamlessly into the web, and allows photographers a level of flexibility that was never imagined with film.

Today's professional digital cameras, in the hands of a skilled photographer, can capture images that would not have been possible on film. Sadly, some amateurs use this as an excuse to take poor quality pictures and manipulate them later. I will never do this. Digital editing should be used to enhance and beautify, but never to distort and mislead.